Plastic surgery can change your life for the better. Today, reconstructive and cosmetic procedures are in many respects a fine art. Dr. Striker's goal is to give his patients aesthetic enhancements that are in harmony with their unique individuality. He strives to accomplish this while following the highest standards of medical care and safety.

The road to becoming a board-certified plastic surgeon and an experienced practitioner is complex, and many years of study and skill are necessary to produce a successful outcome. Dr. Striker has performed over 10,000 procedures with consistent quality results. He credits the role models who helped him develop an exemplary surgical conscience: Dr. Henry Swan, open heart surgery pioneer; Dr. Thomas Starzl, the innovator of liver transplantation; Dr. Jerome Webster, founder of the first plastic surgery residency; and other teachers of great stature whom he has had the privilege of knowing. All of Dr. Striker's mentors were advocates of the foremost principle of surgical intervention: to do no harm.

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